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Cost of Living

We are currently living in a cost of living crisis where record inflation has led to rising prices which have not been matched by income growth.

Citizens Advice Doncaster Borough launched its online Cost of Living survey in September 2022. This was in response to the growing concern nationally and locally about the increases in daily living costs for households and the concern that inflation and energy costs will continue to rise in 2022/2023.

This is important as the rising costs are forcing millions of people across the country to go without essentials and fall behind on bills or face damaging and long lasting impacts on financial resilience.

The research asked key questions about how worried people in Doncaster were about the increases and the impacts they were having and what changes they had already made or how they were planning to manage their individual circumstances.

It also looked at the type of support they had needed to access as a result and the effects on their health and well-being. The survey began in September and is continuing to run at present and to date we have had 423 responses.

Some of the stats

How people feel

Our Cost of Living report local event

The report paints a bleak portrait of the true impact the cost of living crisis is having on our City, an area already suffering high levels of poverty and deprivation.

We as an organisation are very concerned and our data suggests that these challenges faced by the most vulnerable are only going to continue to increase further leaving more people in desperate need.

We would like to thank those who attended, Including Ed Miliband MP, Nick Fletcher MP, Akeela Mohammed Deputy Lieutenant of South Yorkshire, Arshad Khaliq Chair of the Ethnic Culture Fusion Network and representatives of DMBC, Well Doncaster, Changing lives, DWP the Salvation Army and DMBC councillors.

Our thanks

We would like to extend a Thank You to the British Gas Energy Trust for supporting this research and for the funding they provide which allows us to tackle the difficult issues it raises.

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